Fall Décor Goes Green

October 9, 2019
Fall Theme

By Maya Perry

As the season changes, you might want to change your atmosphere with the cooling weather. Do you enjoy decorating for fall whether it’s your desk or home, but want to avoid toxins and stick to more eco-friendly items? I am here to give you my top 3 eco-friendly options for décor.

1.    Fall Nature Table- Place a newspaper square, cotton or silk down so your table is protected from the dirt and other things that will come inside! This also creates a nice boundary to build within. Collect acorns, oak leaves, marigolds, flower heads, thistle, sticks, stones and other natural items of beauty. Arrange the items in a circle or any pattern pleasing to the eye.

2.    Painted acorns - Keep acorns warm and rustic and leave the caps brown. Using paint you already have, paint only the acorn.

3.    Create fall fragrances - Combine three tablespoons of coconut oil, three teaspoons of pumpkins spice and half a teaspoon of cinnamon. Place the mixture in your wax burner and soak up the scents of a natural fall smell.