Florence Won't Stop School Gala

September 14, 2018

Despite Hurricane Florence and the effects we're expecting in the Upstate, the annual Fundraising Gala for St. Anthony of Padua's Catholic School is a go on Saturday, 6pm at the TD Convention Center.

St Anthony of Padua Catholic School children
courtesy St Anthony of Padua school
Held each year in September, the annual gala is an entertaining opportunity to support student scholarships, teacher salaries, and school enhancements at St. Anthony of Padua Catholic School. This is the one big event the church and school has each year to help fund the school, which accepts all students, no matter what their income level. More than 90% of students who attend the school have subsidized tuition.  80% of the students at St. Anthony of Padua's Catholic School are not Catholic. They are Baptist. All are welcome.

This gala is an extremely important fundraising event because, in just one night, it makes up 25% of the schools $1.7 million yearly budget. 

Although seats for the gala can still be purchased at the door, much of the funds come in from the theme baskets, gift certificates, trip packages, and other items that are used for both live and silent auctions. Fr. Patrick Tuttle says it's possible there could be a $100,000 loss this year if people don't show up. School personnel really hope people will still turn out for this event, despite the weather.

A message to all from the church and school reads: "The Show Will Go On! and Flo can 'Kiss our Grits.'”  This years theme is "Under the Big Top" so circus costumes are more than welcome.

If you can't make the gala and you would like to donate, go to the school website's DONATE page where you can also watch a video about the school.

About St. Anthony's of Padua School:

St. Anthony School in downtown Greenville has been the Catholic Church's mission to increasing the graduation rate of African Americans since 1943. The Sisters of St. Francis of the Neumann Communities have led the school since its conception and strive to instill life-long learning, leadership and service in each student.  Last year, 100% of students who attended the school graduated from high school and we accepted to college. The original school was a single-wing addition to the church and shared office space with other church programs.  With a desire to increase enrollment and consolidate mobile classroom units, the parish built a new, 31,000 sq ft elementary school to house Kindergarten through 6th grades and includes smart classrooms, a gymnasium, art room, library, cafeteria and an administration suite.  It was designed by McMillan Pazdan Smith Architecture in Greenville to blend into the residential neighborhood in Greenville's West End.